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Our Products in Action

Our Products in Action

Our customers love American Security Cabinets! 

"We are very pleased with the outcome of the project. Everyone involved was impressed with your product and delivery. We started getting after-hour donations right away. You get 10 out of 10 from us at The Worship Place."

- Brad - The Worship Place

"We were very pleased with the simple design and easy installation of the security cabinet we provided to the City of Joice, Iowa, for their utility bill drop off."

- Greg - City of Joice

"The box is very popular. Nice product."

- Jennifer - Van Buren City

"I would just like to add, that I was extremely impressed with the quick delivery of the product. Thank you again for the exceptional customer service and the quick delivery of the product."

- Joyce - City of Auburn

"We are pleased with the assistance received in identifying the best payment drop box for our needs, as well as assistance in processing the order and delivery. Thanks."

- Ray - Hertford Count Government

"We recently purchased and installed our security cabinet payment drop box, easy installation and the drive up/walk-up is perfect for our community. it is being used and is well received! Thank you for the 'peace of mind' this drop box provides, not only for the residents but for the office perssonel as well."

- Marsha - Village of Superior

"We purchased the EDU from you because I had installed one at a previous state park about 10 years ago and it has held up great, have had no thefts and is easy for staff to empty the contents.  This product is great for the customer to use and for staff to use and is constructed with materials that should hold up to the coastal weather."


"It was a pleasure doing business with such a professional company as yours. Everyone at the City is so impressed with the quality of the drop box as I am also. We have spent the last year building our new City Hall/ Police Headquarters facility and this really is a nice additional to the parking lot."

- Trent - City of Kannapolis

See samples of our payment drops in action below. 


villageofsuperior-300x300.png     wellesly-300x300.png

waynesboro-300x300.png     americanheritage-300x300.png

verobeach-300x300.png     paymentdrop-300x300.png    

  nobhill-300x300.png     chrissweet-taxcollector-payment-300x300.png

trent-cityofkannapolis-300x300.png     payment-300x300.png 

dallespayment-300x300.png     carneyspoint-300x300.jpg

cityofpittsville.jpg     chris-paymentdropbox.png

500-iw-clausen.png     denison-300x300.png

artie-1-300x300.png     artie-2-300x300.png

cityofmcleansboro-300x300.png     envelopes-300x300.png

hertford-300x300.png     payitforward-300x300.png

rycorrealty-300x300.png     vermontgas-300x300.png

worshipplace-1-300x300.png     worshipplace-2-300x300.png




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