Model 400 SS Drive-Up Double Lock On-Concrete


Interior/exterior security cabinet made with a low-maintenance, brushed stainless steel material, used to protect your cabinet from harsh elements.

Handling fee $7.50
Total Payable Amount $1,805.50

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  •   Low-maintenance, brushed stainless steel material makes it easy to remove graffiti and other harsh elements.
  •   ADA Compliant to fit the needs of all the communities
  •   Heavy duty, all weather construction
  •   Easy installation
  •   Ships fully assembled
Material Type: Brushed Stainless Steel
Style: Drive-Up, On-Concrete
Size: Small
Dimensions: Cabinet 12″ x 8″ x 22″, Opening 6.5″ x .5″, Pedestal 30″
Special: 30″ Pedestal, Double Lock
Compliance: ADA Compliant
  •   Double lock access (3) brass locks (can be keyed the same or different)
  •   Double bitted keys
  •   Lock covers
  •   Anti-tamper protection